"If you write to sell, you're a writer (nothing wrong with that)
If you write because you have no other choice, you're an author."
 (Chas Wells)



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About Whispering Pines
Action Adventure Paranormal Thriller Series

Whispering Pines is one of the most unique suspense/paranormal series ever written. In it, author Charles Wells captures the reader inside a plausible world of paranormal tinged suspense, bone jarring excitement, and nail chewing drama.....(Click for more..)

What I need you to know

I wanted to help readers make a clear choice on whether to dive into the Whispering Pines series or not. Book titles, much like book covers, can make or break a sale but having 9 (and soon to be 10) books in a series makes such choices a daunting task.....(Click for more..)


Whispering Pines the Series 

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Charles Wells
is an avid fiction author with 11 books and counting. Take a chance
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